The 2005 Phuket international Tens, as well as being a stellar event on the Asian rugby calender, was the 50th Tour of......"Schlonger"

What can be said about this man and this achievement?

On the face of it 50 tours sounds like quite a milestone, but even in the short time I have known him I have seen him turn out for 5 or 6 teams...reducing him from 'Legend' to just a 'pisshead who will play for anyone'

His weekend started with a presentation to mark his 50thTour from Amigos Bar, a venuehe seemed very familiar with! Knowing you get nothing free from Terry, schlonger started the evening off with 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' which doubtless ended up on his bill.

About 2am that evening, I was walking down Bangla, and I bumped into Schlonger, "I've had enough" he lied, you just knew he was trying manfully, but failing dismally to go home.

Lo and behold, next day when I eventually made it to Karon, there he was just lining up for a kick off. Sporting a new silly haircut and a look that could only be described as Green

He even found time to be a Viagrabond during that heady weekend, but in living up to his wild image, he actually ended up missing the presentation of a personal tribute from the Vagabonds.

Until of course Pat caught up with him sometime the next day

A presentation in pure Vagabonds style.

Can anything slow this Celtic Hero down in his quest to complete 100 tours??? far in 2006 he has been spotted at the Bangkok 10's where once again he had the honour of being a Viagrabond (one of a select few 100%ers) in their narrow defeat by The Old Bangkok Bangers, though why they were wearing Thai National shirts, God (or Duke as we call him) only knows!!!

and to top it off he was even spotted signing autographs for the kids dressed as....................................................

A PISSHEAD WHO'LL PLAY FOR ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!